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We not only provide high-quality interpreting services but also professional written translations in a variety of specialist areas (websites, advertising brochures, technical specifications, contracts…)
It is a point of principle that our translations are carried out by native speakers.
Translations are invoiced by standard line; please feel free to request a quotation.


Film Scripts (Voice-over/Voice-off Translation) and Subtitling

We specialise in the translation of film scripts (documentaries, exposés, music videos) and subtitling and are well-versed in the special requirements applicable to media texts.

In the case of voice-overs, the original sound can be heard in the background. The translation must fit precisely in terms of language, style and timing. The length of the translated text must be as close as possible to that of the original and take account of the speaker’s phraseology.

With subtitling, the translator only has a limited number of characters available for each subtitle because the viewer is only able to process a certain amount of text in a given time. It is often therefore necessary to shorten the text whilst ensuring that the content is reproduced correctly and coherently.

This is where our expertise comes in.

We have successfully collaborated with many clients in this field, in particular with the cultural European TV channel arte.